When the photo is taken, bring it to Moody to complete the quest Thanks for the Memories -- you will receive the The Simple Life Pin (Pin # 24/176). For reference, you can see the second mirror and the white tent near it in the image below. In order to get everything you need one run with the default character positions (Mickey in the Foreground, Oswald in the Background; control both characters manually and play as Oswald first) for the Film Reel and Gold Pin, one with both characters in the Foreground for a Gold Ticket, and one with both in the Background for another Gold Ticket. Again, one run through with the default characters positions will be enough to get everything. Instead, co-op a jump on top of the building where the exit is, so you can reach the bird on top of it. Climb on top of the buildings on the left side to find an unlimited source of Fireworks (pull the Mickey-shaped lever, as always) as well as the final Telephone Box # 15/15. If you want, find Gremlin Jamface around town, speak with him and he'll give you a -10% discount if you've completed the part of the quest Operation Gremlin Rescue available up to now. Report back to Rolly to receive the Silly Symphony Pin (Pin # 28/176). Port by numbers. Take the path up and to the right, and follow it to reach the Gold Pin first, and eventually also The Old Mill V2 Film Reel # 05/16. Review Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Unplug the controller afterwards- Mickey: just after the seesaw/Gold Ticket part there will be a "fork": either up and to the left, or up and to the right. Inside the last building (icon of a Piggy) you'll find the pig from the Creative Threedom quest. For this reason you'll want to avoid Thinning any enemy in Blot Alley, now and forever. Pin (Pin # 31/176) as reward for giving Gremlin Sparks the Gag Gear during the Donald's Date quest.Then speak with Animatronic Donald to send him off to visit Daisy in Ventureland and complete the quest Donald's Date # 04/04. In case you're wondering, there was no reason to wait until now to do this step of the quest, but there wasn't any hurry to do it either since the next step can only be completed as early as at this point of the story. You can also Thin part of one of the rooves here to reveal a "secret" access to the building below it. Then make a speedrun through the D.E.C. Each trip should net you somewhere between 50-100 E-Tickets and 2-5 Cloth. At this point you should be far enough into the quest The Bunny Wranglers that a few bunnies should show up outside of Ortensia's house (provided of course that you sent them to her by reprogramming the transportation tubes before sending the bunnies into it, as I warned you to do before). Make sure to take this second photo too, since it's required for the achievement Heads On (we'll unlock this achievement much later, in the Epilogue, but we might as well take the photo now while we're here). You also need Gremlin Sparks to rebuild a building in Old Town (the one that covers the Mickey shape on the side of the building on the West side), but he should have already done so earlier if you befriended the beetleworx along the way and if you set the Gremlin free, of course. Although he was here just a minute ago, the Gremlin has now moved back to the Northwest part of Bog Easy. Are you ready to continue with the story? When it's done, descend to an even lower level by using the nearby turnstile-elevator. Disney Epic Mickey 2 - The Power of Two (Wii) Disney Junior. This will open up the door below the valve, and reveal an Oswald-requiring blue chest containing 5x Bronze Pin. While you're here on the train station's roof, look up and to the right to see another object to Paint (it's a giant Golden Mirror # 01/03) -- do so, since it's part of the quest A Captain's Life For Me. There is also Telephone Box # 14/15 on the side of one of the buildings here (the first one on the left, from where you came). As soon as you have the chance (early on), jump on the tree branches to find the The Skeleton Dance V2 Film Reel # 08/16- Oswald: continue until you can see a Gold Ticket on another tree branch (it's all the way to the right, above the open grave at the end of the path)- Both: to reach this Gold Ticket you need to step (with Oswald) on the coffin just before the tree with the Gold Ticket, and then have Mickey in the Foreground step on the corresponding coffin, just like you did at the end of the level The Skeleton Dance V1 to reach the roof of the final building. 2012. The objects to Thin should be fairly intuitive, but if you can't find them, here they are:- The small grass area to the left of the crypt where you got the Gear- The plate on the gate to the right of the crypt where you got the Gear- The two trees on either side of the main crypt (the one that closes when you approach it), ~ Achievement Unlocked - Not-So-Sleepy Hollow ~. Paint the treasure chest on the left side of the bridge near the entrance to find Captain Hook's Hook in it. After a few seconds, the doors leading West will open. Lastly, there are two pictures to take in here. However, as we said earlier, we'll be doing the quest for Damien Salt, which earns you other rewards (different Pins), so we'll never really open this red chest (we'll still get the Booty to the Head Pin of course, by buying it at the Pin Trader). The "wrong" way is by using the other valves in the room (hit them with spin attacks) to cause leaks from the pipes. Despite all its issues, Epic Mickey 2 has its charming moments, and the game's areas are a treasure trove for fans of Disney's history. Enter the barn, and ignore the first couple of levers. I'll tell you how to send them to either character as soon as we have a chance, but I can already anticipate that you want to send them to Ortensia, since having the bunnies in OsTown happens to be part of another quest (Thanks for the Memories). Of course this is possible only if you completed the quest Goofy Fountain Mishap and if you decided to give Goofy the Oswald head. Up and to your left (West) there is a shiny valve you can rotate with Oswald's Boomerang. Then visit the first building on the left (West) side; it's the one with the shopping cart symbol. Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is the sequel to Epic Mickey. If for any reason you ever need to cross the gap back, since you can't take the side path on the rock platforms to avoid the enemies, I advise you to use the Watch Sketch and then make a run for it on the giant sword, Painting it as you go). Then jump on the rooftops to find a Gremlin to rescue -- do so to continue with Operation Gremlin Drop # 04/12.On the rooftop of the building on the right side there are three chests which contain common currency. If Mickey is standing on the last coffin of the Foreground path, when Oswald steps on it the skeletons inside the coffin will lift him up, allowing him (Oswald) to reach the Gold Pin on the roof- Oswald: spin-attack the nearby bell on the roof to scare away the bats in the Foreground path- Oswald: glide from the roof with the Gold Pin to the left to find, on some tree branches, the item The Skeleton Dance V1 Film Reel # 07/16. The purpose of the invisibility ink is to allow you to enter the crypt with the bunny in the top-hat without causing the doors of the crypt to close as you approach it, so you can then reach the bunny and top hat. This last one is also just above the door to another "building" (or rather passage through the tree) you can enter (this building's icon is a Tree) after Painting its entrance. Then follow the path as it comes natural: use Oswald's Boomerang to open the way, and then glide across the Thinner to reach Oswald statue's head. Read the next three paragraphs before doing anything in-game, so you know what to do and why. You can blow the debris if you ignite Fireworks near the remains of the tower (you can find Fireworks near the windmill, Northwest). Look around you and you should soon find some small hopping bunnies here and there, part of the quest The Bunny Wranglers # 02/08. Jump across the gap filled with crocodiles to reach the next set of levers, and co-op pull these. Up here (roof of the Forge) you can Paint an antenna of some sort (which oddly enough was not required for the Out of Toon quest completion). The game features both Mickey Mouse and … Follow Ian the Ghost until he goes through a wall. To do so you need the Anvil Sketch. Doing this also opens up a door near where you started, so backtrack there for a moment. In here there is also another plaque to Paint on the wall -- make sure to do so, for the usual quest. From left to right, counterclockwise, they are:- Mickey's Service Station V1 (takes you to Ventureland)- The Skeleton Dance V1 (takes you to Bog Easy)- The Band Concert V1 (takes you to OsTown)- The fourth one, currently unavailable, will take you to Prescott's Arena at first; then it will take you to The Mad Doctor's Ride. Go North and you will see that three of the four projectors in the plaza are functional now. I wouldn't even bother fighting him, so just take its picture for Rogues Gallery # 08/12 and then make a run for it on the right side (jump on the rock platforms instead of going on the sword to cross the gap). Paint the path and jump to the left side when you see an opening. Screenshots: Disney Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two WII ISO Info: Release Date: November 18, 2012 Genre : Platform game Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios to Mean Street North will be enough, but since we have some business in Mean Street South, ride the train there instead -- we'll check the statues out later. You can get them easily if you glide to them as Oswald after jumping off a red&blue platform which floats below the Gold Tickets. The final building you can access is beyond the previous one, but before you go inside make sure to Paint the Telephone Box # 12/15 outside of it, then Thin the wall below the Telephone Box to find an Oswald # 16/29 shape to photograph.. 2. 4. There's nothing in there for you right now, so go past it. We will not be getting this treasure chest in our playthrough, but just for your information/curiosity, this red chest contains the Booty to the Head Pin, and it becomes available only after completing Beluga Billy's branch of the quest A Captain's Life for Me (once you complete this branch or the quest, the sleeping pirate will be gone). 14 offers from £3.99. Then, hold Mickey's controller and thin Oswald into a puddle. Inside, speak with Gremlin Sparks, and he will then ask for 100 Scrap Metal to repair the generator. Background (with both characters):- In the first section of the level, control Oswald manually and make him jump on the trees as soon as you can; then make him glide to the right to grab the Gold Pin in the air- Advance towards the end with both characters, but don't drop down the chimney of the house at the end just yet. So, again, find the bunnies, hit them if they are not following you, then lead them to the transport tube pipes, order Oswald to reprogram the control panel, and then send the bunnies into the nearby tube. Your goal is to lead them to a transport tube, which for Mean Street South is located on the East side near the train station (see picture above). You want to send them to Ortensia, and to do so you need to Reprogram the transport tube (by now you should know it, but the "Reprogram" command is a speech bubble with binary code in it). Spin-attack it, and it will "deactivate" the skeletons dancing on the right side of the screen, thus allowing you to reach the Gold Ticket they were guarding. Now we need to open the large doors of the barn on the West side. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Not bad! Helping Metairie is necessary for the achievement Picture Perfect! IGN, giving the game 6/10 stars, also criticized the port for not making much use of the Wii U gamepad's features. The final task is taking a picture of the "OSTOWN" sign, located on the East side of OsTown, just North of Moody's house. Next. you will unlock the achievement. There's nothing you need to buy there now though, so feel free to ignore it. If not, accompany them as close as possible to the transport tube, and then they should definitely go through. Introduction. This is one of the six ghosts necessary for the challenge (and therefore achievement) Not-So-Sleepy Hollow # 01/03 (the last four ghosts will be found all next to each other). The chest can't be opened though, because the sleeping pirate is standing right in front of it. You only need one run-through to get everything, and the default setup is good to do so (Mickey on the Right side, Oswald on the Left side). When you're ready, use the projector in the small area where Ian went (South). Note: you could actually use the real gear for the quest and complete it just as well (if not better), but it seems like this is the only way to make certain Concept Arts available at the Bat En Rouge shop. When you're done progressing with The Bunny Wranglers # 03/08, ride the train to the second half of Disney Gulch. Speak with him to progress with the quest Creative Threedom # 03/08. You will only find them here (right next to the pink heart-pattern fence on the front side of the house) if you've started and progressed through the quest The Bunny Wranglers enough, and of course only if you sent the bunnies to Ortensia. WiiU, PS3, X360, PSVita, PC, Wii. Your reward this time will be 5x Bronze Pin. Paint everything you can Paint in Old Town, including the columns and rooftops of the buildings, as well as the sneaky plate on the wall Southwest of the ink fountain (there is two of these plates on the left of the gate to the cemetery, which is currently closed; one plate is already Painted, but the other one isn't). In here you will find Bertrand (the male) and Metairie (the female), who will give you the quest A Friend in Deed # 02/07. You should see the Gold Ticket on the other side of the wood, although you can't get it from here. In order to unlock it, stand on the higher platforms of the Angel Side (such as the platforms where the buttons to raise the sword are, or the platforms where the projectors are), and then launch Oswald up in the air (hold and release B). This character is a slim-looking pirate that walks up and down near the Northern part of Ventureland (by the lift). I'm not quite sure why it says "purchase", since you're not going to pay for anything if you collected the corresponding Film Reel yourself by playing the level (if that wasn't the case, then yes, you could actually purchase the Film Reel here; and if we want to split hair, even then you wouldn't actually purchase the Film Reel, but rather rent it). Next to the transport tube there is a button on the ground; approach it, and Oswald should volunteer to step on it for you. Second, hitting the lever from the left side and from the right side has different effects (switches the position of different characters), so you'll need to hit it on both sides to make it work. Speak with Rolly, the ghost near the band in the middle of the area to start the quest Out of Toon, which we'll complete right away. When that's done, enter the Forge again and speak with Gremlin Sparks to get the Jumpstart Pin (Pin # 30/176). After befriending them, they will break down the wall where Ian went through for you, thus revealing a projector behind it (if they accidentally get destroyed, don't worry -- the wall can be broken with Fireworks too, and there is an unlimited supply on top of the buildings on the East side). Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. This will also unlock the achievement Heroes of Wasteland. You may want to use the crocodiles swimming around the pool to make the jump easier (you can also just glide there with Oswald if you prefer). Now head all the way back to Old Town and go speak with Gilbert, the ghost in the cemetery, to get the Gotcha! Now you can descend to the lowest level. Not that we really need the discount anymore, but anyway. Exit the Forge after giving the Gear, and backtrack to the first area of Bog Easy. Give him the shoddy Gear (which will cause damage to the Forge) to continue the quest Donald's Date # 03/04. 1.610558898983E12 For your first run-through, make a run with both characters in the Background for the Gold Pin and Film Reel. You can either satisfy Paulie or Ortensia's request, but not both. As a matter of fact, the bunnies can be sent to either Paulie (Ice Cream Parlor), or to Ortensia in OsTown. Just like the first game it is a platformer and the story picks up after the events of the first game. As a reference for the future, this area is where you can farm E-Tickets and Cloth. From Mean Street South, ride the train to OsTown. You can enter this room if you access the building not from the main door, but by Thinning the Southern wall of it. Turn around as soon as you start to find a Gold Cloth. Paint the structures around you, including another big Golden Mirror # 02/03, and then co-op jump on top of the small tent behind this second mirror to find a treasure chest with inside the They Have Their Trunks On Pin (Pin # 26/176). If you do it correctly (jump, glide, then throw the Boomerang while airborne to hit the valve), the valve you hit will lower the Thinner right away. If you Thin the ground in front of the Tiki Sam's building you will also find a Mickey # 21/41 shape to photograph. The fastest way is by using a second controller to control Oswald, and then have him jump and glide towards East, where a shiny valve on the other side of the pool can be turned by his Boomerang. Make sure not to fall down the hole just to its left, or else you'll reach the end of the stage- Reach the exit with both characters, but don't exit just yet. For both quests you have the choice on what character's head is going to be on the statue/flower bed, so it's possible to choose Mickey for one and Oswald for the other, thus making the achievement unobtainable.Moreover, for the achievement Heroes of Wasteland you need both heads/statues, so in here right now you want to get both Oswald's Head and Mickey's Head. Head North to find a platform that will take you up to the higher level. Proceed as follows: - Mickey (Right side): climb up for quite a while, until you see a wooden platform balanced on a circular piece of wood (like a see-saw) on the left side of the screen. Disney Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two wii is a platform video games for the Nintendo WII. For this quest we first have to zap the nearby control panel with Oswald, so the Jugband has power again. Next, enter the Gag Factory and pay the Green Gremlin 50 Scrap Metal to also make a statue of Mickey (he will also give you 1x Bronze Pin). 1. Join Mickey and Oswald in an epic battle to save the magical world of Wasteland and change it forever. Feel free to completely skip the next two paragraphs, unless you want to read them just for curiosity about the other two methods you shouldn't be using. The game features both Mickey Mouse and … Moderated by: NoirVenom3 NoirVenom3, S a m o y e d S a m o y e d, Yandema211 Yandema211 Speak with him and he'll ask you to repair the local train station, as part of the quest The Wasteland Limited # 04/06. The transport tube is on the lower level, just on the left side of the elevator (if you have problems finding it, check the in-game map and select the quest Bunny Wranglers with the A button, so a question mark appears where the tube is). For this reason, before proceeding on to new areas, make sure to Paint any object you previously Thinned and every object that was Thinned to begin with, so you won't have to backtrack later to complete the quest. If the enemy is bugging you while Oswald reprograms the control panel, you can slow him down with Paint or with the Fairy Sketch. Thankfully there is a shortcut to get there: if you go to the Cinema in Mean Street North you can speak with the owner and "purchase" the Film Reel to the Rainbow Caverns. Warning: I'm not sure this is even possible yet, but know that there is a character named Scurvy Pat in Ventureland that is associated with certain quests and Pins. Also, don't forget to re-Paint the items you Thinned to spawn the ghosts after you get the achievement Not-So-Sleepy Hollow. There are three possible ways to do this: the wrong way, the fast way, and the right way. Therefore you can ignore these bunnies and top hats (you'll find them in other locations of Bog Easy too), and/or destroy them with a spin-attack, as it would have been requested by Bernard, if you wish. Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is an Action-Adventure Platforming game set in the Disney themed gameworld of Wasteland. Still in the Northeastern part of Bog Easy, go back to the Forge, and Oswald should automatically go operate the generator on the North side (if not you can always do this manually with a second controller). Nintendo Wii. The bunny and top hat are associated with the quest A Friend in Deed, but NOT with the branch of the quest that we want to take (you can either choose to satisfy Bernard or Metairie, and we'll choose Metairie since her path allows us to get another missable achievement later on). I've personally tested thoroughly the right way only, so I suggest you do the same, just in case. Refuse his offer, even if you have the necessary Scrap Metal, and head back outside. Background and Foreground paths here. This choice is necessary because you need bunnies to continue the quest Thanks for the Memories in OsTown.The alternative that you DO NOT want to use is Thinning the small toolbox on the left of the transport tube, and then ask Oswald to zap the control panel inside (the speech bubble is that of a lightning bolt in this case).

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