And, a higher exit velocity is achieved by higher bat speed–that’s where your swing comes in. 3. Softball Quebec promotes and organize softball for all athletes (elite and recreational) and for all ages. Working with a coach or a hitting program like ours to optimize your launch angle will let you tap into the power you generate with your swing, wherever you are in developing your power. Imagine you are wearing rings on both hands. Discover Sue Enquist's Softball Coaching Secrets That Will Boost Your Hitting Game To The Next Level FAST... 40,876+ Facebook Fans 48,107+ Happy Customers Courses from Legendary NCAA and USA Softball … With 9 cages, 16,000 total square feet, pitching machines, mounds, and individual training: “The Academy” provides an all-inclusive space to raise your game. Your stance should feel easy–balanced and natural. James offers lessons for the following: Hitting Mechanics. Perhaps searching can help. Essentially, it is how strong you are (how much force you create) and fast you are (the velocity you operate at). Take Our :59 sec "Unlock Your Power" Analysis Quiz to Find Out. 19,550 Views. Bat speed is one of those analytics that I think is easy to understand and easy to NOT overthink. This website is powered by SportsEngine's Sports Relationship Management (SRM) software, but is owned by and subject to the Colorado Angels Softball privacy policy. Anytime we can load a movement in a rotational fashion we will see it translate to rotational aspects of our sport. We focus on strong fundamentals, good timing and maximizing your delivery to the ball. This puts the knuckles in a rough line too. We can't only focus on one aspect of power without focusing on the other. Shop All Products The higher the velocity, the further the ball will travel if it isn’t slowed by the dirt, grass, or defense. Metrics are becoming more and more popular in the world of baseball and softball. Get comfortable. Oct 29, 2019 - 12 point Laser Blast checklist, for automatic/reflex hitting mechanics. Ages 8 and up (will be grouped according to age for custom workout plans). Beginner Pitching. March 10, 2020 in Softball Hitting: Softball Hitting Slumps March 7, 2020 in Uncategorized: Softball Fly Ball Errors March 1, 2020 in Softball Team ... core hitting mechanics. Everyone I have ever instructed on hitting wants more power. That’s why we started with the grip, stance, and swing up there. What I find really impressive is her approach at the plate and her new found confidence. The truth is a blog post can’t get at everything you need to know. Clinics. For current members of The Hitting Vault, w… Every Summer and Winter we provide college softball performance training. Price of the class is $250 and is limited to 8 athletes per section. 2-4 sets of 3-5 reps per side is what I usually program. New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals and more virtually anywhere in Greater Montréal. Amanda Scarborough - Softball Pitching Angel posted a video to playlist Softball Hitting Mechanics. Holiday Skills Camp December 27th and 28th, 2018 November 12, 2018. We recommend our SwingBuild program which is available to all members of The Hitting Vault. Finally, a reminder from Coach Lisle: If you’re looking to hit a softball with power, you need 3 things. March, 2019 My 10 yr old daughter has been working with Coach Charles for only a few months and we have seen significant improvement in her swing, mechanics, and batting average. These should line up in a straight line. - Main focus on our sessions is the foundation/mechanics of your swing. August 11, 2019. I like to do 3 sets of 5 reps on each side with a light med ball! It’s designed to help coaches get optimal results from their athletes. For four-weeks hitters will rotate through a series of supervised stations, including batting cages, each designed to teach different components of the swing. Join now and get access to over 100+ exclusive videos for members. Roughly speaking, here’s what you get at various ranges of launch angle: A ball that comes off the bat below 20° isn’t going to result in a home run unless you’ve got pro-level light tower power. Seconds. The hitting Vault shows athletes how to move their body to unlock their most powerful swing. Top 5 Mistakes Hitters Make in Their Stance, Your LAUNCH ANGLE needs to be within 10° – 36°. Search. The metrics we use to measure these are exit velocity and launch angle. There are a few factors, though. Contact Haylie for more information to schedule camps, clinics, private training, and speaking engagements. The lower knuckle on one hand should line up with the upper knuckle on the other hand and vice-versa. One of my favorite scientific equations OF ALL TIME to explain to young athletes is that power = Force x Velocity. Minutes. Don’t let it. Like, share, or comment on this post with your feedback. Landmine Press: An upper body strength builder with a specific rotational control component. If you want to increase your bat speed by building up your POWER, check out these five exercises. I encourage athletes to do both sides to increase athleticism and prevent muscular imbalances. Incorporating deadlifts into your regimen can get you really strong really fast. These should line up in a straight line. Classes will run for one hours each session. Because of this, The Backstop Softball Training Facility offers one-on-one softball hitting lessons where our instructors really break down the whole swing. A hard hit ball on the ground is still going to result in an out more often than you’d like. A good swing is a good swing. Octivia Bond and the Fieldhouse Softball Camp for Ages 12-16 Wednesdays 6-7 PM; Oct. 16, 23, 30, 2019 Price: $100 total Max 6 girls per camp! • Instruction and drills on overall swing mechanics • Hitting instructor analysis of your swing using a batting tee with a video of your swing, drills, and instruction from hitting pros. landing location – know more than just that you hit the back of the cage. Hitting Mechanics: The Finger Grip & Gripping The Bat Grips, like everything else you do, are very important. Who: Clinician Dick Blood '75 holds many Ivy League softball records, including 606 wins and 200 Ivy League wins to go along with five Ivy League titles. In today's video blog post, I want to talk briefly about the grip, and its' affect on your hitting mechanics. 2019 Angel completely rebuilds her swing with Coach Waller and then attends the University of Alabama camp where she wins Coach Patrick Murphy's hitting contest. A good swing, one that produces power, requires quality practice. 2018-19 Winter Hitting Mechanics and Power Development Program November 12, 2018. Unlock over 100 Hitting Drills Instantly At the end of the day, our philosophy is that if you can put the ball in play at the right launch angle with high exit velocity, then you are going to not only climb in the order but also elevate your game. While I am a bit old school in terms of just how much I look at these numbers, they do have their place, and I do believe it is a great way to track strength and power within the game over time. Think of this exercise as the foundation of your house. Base running mechanics and speed; Ability as compared to other players in the same position; Softball instincts/Softball IQ . December 27, 2019. 5. 2-4 sets of 3-5 reps per side is what I usually program. A lot of athletes are starting to realize the importance of bat speed in our game. When we talk about power, we usually mean more than just hitting hard. MB Shotput to Wall: This exercise is a very specific way to load the mechanics of a swing. Get two articles delivered to your inbox each week. Trap Bar Deadlift: A general strength builder. Sydney Romero (2) Infield - Season AVG GP GS AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SLG BB HBP SO OBP SB SBA FLD% 2016 .346 64 63 211 50 73 14 3 10 39 .583 19 2 … Softball; BEST OF SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND WINTER CAMP. Related reading: Great Swing, Where’s the Power. Hitting Power. With indoor/outdoor capability, the Rapsodo Hitting Unit is truly portable and easy to use with the Rapsodo app. All right reserved. Hours. Oct 25, 2019 - Today, we're going to talk about the first basic part of girls softball hitting: the stance. If we are swinging the bat hard, I believe we will hit the ball hard if we put ourselves in the proper position with timing, good mechanics, and a strong mental approach. MB Rainbow Slams: If you want to be powerful, throwing a med ball is a great way to start. If you’re looking for specific softball hitting drills for power, check out this post on six softball hitting drills to unlock your power. Design your optimal swing in a single session with video playback for hitting mechanics insight and instant data feedback. Softball Hitting Mechanics - Stride and Separation - YouTube [PDF FREE] Improved Hitting for Girls' Softball: The Physical and Mental Mechanics for a Controlled Explosion 1576700054 PDF D.o.w.n.l.oad Ebook May 06, 2019 Download Free Improved Hitting for Girls' Softball: The Physical and Mental Mechanics for a Controlled Explosion.Ebook 1576700054 PDF D.o.w.n.l.oad Ebook Imagine you are wearing rings on both hands. This Off-Season class is designed Athletes looking to gain size and strength while working on hitting mechanics over the winter. Get comfortable. I encourage athletes to do both sides to increase athleticism and prevent muscular imbalances. Fortunately, some of the same softball hitting drills for power we linked above to unlock your power will help you achieve a consistent and optimal bat path and set you up for the launch angle you’re looking for. Each video includes step-by-step instruction so you’ll know exactly how to unlock your power at the plate. It's very important that your hitters have the proper stance. Quality trumps quantity when it comes to swing fundamentals, so we recommend a full program when you’re building your swing. A proper grip, stance and swing mechanics are the foundation we build our power on. #Softball #Hitting #Strength #StrengthTraining #StrengthandConditioning #Speed #Bat #Coaches #ExitVelocity #LaunchAngle #BatSpeed, Hitting: 5 Exercises to Increase Your Bat Speed. From legs, to arms, and everything in-between, we will work on proper softball mechanics and … Your non hitting side won't be easy at first, but the more you add these into your regimen, the more explosive they can get! Plug these into your lifts and softball training and let me know what you think! Buy Ticket. Your non hitting side won't be easy at first, but the more you add these into your regimen, the more explosive they can get! SMALL GROUPS OF 3- 60MIN OF HITING AND 20MIN STRENGTH CIRCUIT. James Christie is the President of Granite State Elite Softball and also coaches the 14U Black and 16U Black GSE teams. This will also help your shoulder health for high volume throwing during spring/summer/fall seasons. At The Hitting Vault, we break down the softball and baseball swing exactly the same. 4-5 sets of 5-10 reps. Don't be afraid of heavy weight, but make sure you are maintaining proper form! In order to create a strong, powerful, swing we need to have a great foundation of strength and we need to be FAST (hello, bat SPEED). Our post on the Top 5 Mistakes Hitters Make in Their Stance is a good primer. This puts the knuckles in a rough line too. At its simplest, exit velocity is the speed of the ball as it leaves the bat. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Softball Ontario has cancelled ALL umpire clinics for this season.. For 2020 only, we will allow all those JD/Intermediate umpires registered in 2019 to re-register for the 2020 season without the requirement of having to do so through clinic attendance. Classes will meet three times per week for 8 weeks. Posted by Hit Lasers on Sunday, August 11, 2019 Learn more about bat speed , mechanics , strength/endurance , youth , and fastpitch softball. The second piece of the puzzle is launch angle. “I cringe when see hitting programs that are designed by baseball players and say they teach softball hitting as a 17 year fastpitch softball coach and 26 year slow pitch player the fundamental difference in the swing many programs ignore especially when teaching fastpitch the swing has to take the most direct path to the pitched generally released at 3 to 4 feet verse … The lighter the medball to start out the better with this one! Throughout the four (4) week Performance Hitting program, players will develop: Proper stance and position in the batters box; Correct swing mechanics; Hitting inside and outside pitches; Develop a more compact and powerful swing; Approaches for attacking off speed pitches; Situational hitting; Cost is $225 Dates: Friday, January 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th 2019 Baseball & Softball Holiday Skills Camps December 8, 2019. Make sure to squeeze your shoulder blade down and back, keep the core nice and tight, and stay in those legs! If your swinging the bat hard, but making poor contact, you still aren’t going to get the exit velocity you’re capable of. Hitting Clinics December 27, 2019. Band/Cable Rotational Row: A combination of stabilization and dynamic rotational power, this variation is a later progression I like to use once we have a general foundation of strength built by trap bar deadlifts, lunge variations, and row variations, so if you are a bit further along in the training process give this a try. The rainbow slam is one of my earliest exercises I use with athletes as it forces the athlete to use all aspects of the core while actively pulling down with their "front side." Campers will learn various drills for hitting inside, outside and off-speed pitches, as well as ways to increase power. Throwing Mechanics. February 2018 5-week Infield Development Program January 22, 2018. Facility; This program is designed for both position players and pitchers looking to gain velocity, prevent injury, and learn proper throwing mechanics. It also is a basic starter that can allow us to toss in more softball specific accessory work. 4. No matter what type of bat or ball you are using, or what level you are playing, there are two things that will determine your power output–how fast the ball leaves the bat and whether you are putting the ball on the ground or in the air. Softball Hitting Tips: Batter’s Box Routine. What: The clinic will focus on hitting mechanics and fundamentals for all ages. But, when you do make good contact, the ball will travel farther and faster, giving the defense less time to react and taking the ball into the deeper parts of the field where outfielders have more ground to cover. Data and analysis of your bat speed (before and after hitting the ball), time to the ball, hand speed, swing path, and exit speed. Cost: $100.00 per session. January 20, 2020. Catching Mechanics. 4. 2. Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything! Low numbers mean low hits (on the ground), higher numbers indicate that the ball is launched into the air–too high and it’s a pop-up. Athletes will be rated on a scale of 1-5 by each member of the coaching staff in the areas of Attitude, Fielding, Hitting, Throwing/Catching, Pitching (if applicable), and Catching (if applicable). Software like Rapsodo and HitTrax are making it more and more easy to access all of the numbers around our game like exit velocity, bat speed, spin rates, and launch angles. MB Shotput to Wall: This exercise is a very specific way to load the mechanics of a swing. That pop-up is the most likely outcome if you’re trying to put the ball in the air without putting in the work on a fundamentally sound swing. six softball hitting drills to unlock your power. Extensive drills, accountably of making sure every player leaves bette and Each player will swing with control and maximize power through the ball. Days. Simply put, this is the measure of the angle the ball comes off the bat. The Baseball Academy of Norwin aims to provide an indoor facility to all baseball and softball players, teams, and coaches looking to work on their game. All content copyright ©2019 The Hitting Vault. Players will receive instructions on grip, routine, stance, balance, stride/load, swing plane, contact points and finish. This post is a very basic primer on both of those, but you also don’t want to skip the basics. Strength and Conditioning. If hitting for power were as simple as swinging hard, you’d be looking for a simple workout program instead of hitting tips. Anywhere between 3-4 sets of 5-8 reps on each side will do the trick! In the Winter, we gear towards game speed replication, pitching arsenal, spin rate, and improving swing mechanics and angle consistency. I am a strength coach and I will NEVER say no to something that could increase my barrel's velocity through the zone. In the Summer, everything is geared towards building velocity, bat speed, and explosiveness. Sep 28, 2019 - Softball Hitting Mechanics - The Pull Back Antonelli Softball is the #1 online resource for softball instruction. Fielding Mechanics. The lower knuckle on one hand should line up with the upper knuckle on the other hand and vice-versa. But, it isn’t a one to one correlation. Popular Articles. For current members of The Hitting Vault, we have a great video on fixing your improper grip. Should be incorporated into every baseball/softball athletes arsenal. Bat speed is a great way to look at a hitter's power within their swing. Clinic by CCSU Softball Coaches and Players. You’ll need to balance your weight properly, position your feet, hands, and eyes, and hold the bat at the right angle. The stance can feel complicated. Softball umpire 21/10/2019: Download: Softball umpire clinic school or certification seminar request form: Softball umpire 14/10/2020: Download: Fitness testing protocols: Softball umpire 21/10/2019: Download Drill stations will be led by current Plymouth State coaches and athletes. Core must stabilize to allow for the weight to be pressed. Please bring sneakers/tennis shoes and cleats. Sessions will be held on Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays. Hitting a softball isn’t incredibly technical, but doing it well and with consistency is something reserved for the most skilled. 1. It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Hitting: The mechanics of the swing will be covered and campers will learn several drills for improving their swing. World’s Most NaturalSoftball Hitting System Will Have Your Players Crushing The Ball With Lightning Quick Bat Speed and Titanic Power - Without Even Trying!Finally! Isolating your baseball, softball swing blast, the basics for hitting a fastball.

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